Social Committee

The Social Committee

The social committe's main goal is to build bridges between our members and their families, through regular social activities and meetings.

Different formations of interest subgroups where created through our Society's Facebook group. These subgroups gathered members who are sharing same interests, our subgroups are the ''Online Book Club'',  the Travel planner subgroup for the members and their families, Cooking and ''Diet and Nutrition'' subgroup, just to mention a few.

we will plan and advertise the upcoming social activities in the nearest future with more detailed information about the type of gathering with dates and location.

Please don't hesistate to share with us ideas and suggestions regarding social and interest acitivites! 


Maysaa and Maysaloon 

Social Committee

Maysaa Abdulla,

MD., PhD. Candidate Specialist in Clinical Pathology/Hemathopatology

Chairperson of the Social Committee

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Maysaloon Kuba


Specialist in Family Medicine

Member of the Social Committee

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