Scientific Commie 2019-03-24

Agenda for the scientificc committee 2019-03-25

Focus on the websites and the upcoming working regarding the Journal Club

Place: Scandinavian Real Heart Kopparbergsvägen 10, 722 13 Västerås

Invited: The Scientific Committe's members with Professor Arkan Sayed Noor and Dr. Maysaa Alani 

Time: 12.00-18.00 

12.00-13.30       Mingling and lunch 

13:30-14:00       Suggestions and planing regarding the Online Journal Club- A suggested Template

  1. Template
  2. Time-table
  3.  Lecturer     

14:00-18.00       Workshop structure and launching of the website  

  1.  What's done? 
  2. What is needed to been done?
  3. Workshop


Zewar Al-Dabbagh, Arkan Seyed-Noor, Walid Al-Tawil, Azad Najar, Awatif Affas, Vian Najar and Hana Shabana


Scandinavian Real Heart AB
Kopparbergsvägen 10
SE-722 13 Västerås



The journal club

The name has been changed to 'Critical Appraisal', for more information click her.

We will start with a simple statistical questionaire, where we can identify the number of ''ST-doctors'', PhD Candidate and PhD doctors i our Facebook group. And if there is a huge interest in starting, then a subgroup in our Facebookgroup will be created.

The website 

The website has been structured more during the meeting. The IMSS website team will in future develop the website for more use.


There are ideas and thoughts of starting an annual workshop. The workshops will cover various of topics that interest a mainly general practitioners, yet even other specialties. The workshop is thought to be in 1,5 days. More details will be planned later. 

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