Scientific Committe 2019-02-16


Focus on the By-Law and the Society's website 

Location: Baggeby Gårdsväg 5, Lidingö

The meeting include the Administratve Board and the Scientific Committee

Time: 11.00-16.00

11:00-11:30 Gathering and going through the last rapport 

11:30-12:00 By-Law is presented by Dr. Walid Al-Tawil

12:00-13:00 The members are divided into two subgroups

Group 1: Working to design the website together. Tools: Computer

Group 2: Structure the main important topics to insert in the website. Tools: Paper and Pen

13:00 Lunch is served 

13:45-14:30 Continue with the workshop

14:30-16:00 Finishing the website together. Publish the website. 

Planning a new date for a Facebook meeting to discuss the last and ultimate finishing together.

End meeting 

Rapport from the meeting

Written by Dr. Hana Shabana

Present: Dr. Walid Al-Tawil, Dr. Zewar Al-Dabbagh, Dr. Nabil Al-Tawil, Dr.

Hassanein Hamid, Dr. Mohammed Al-Hussoni, Dr. Azad Najjar. Dr. Hana Shabana

Location: Baggeby Gårdsvägen 3, Lidingö

  1. The By-Law proposal is presented by Dr, Walid Al-Tawil
  2. Review of the preliminary work in the website
  3.  Discussion about what needs to be done more in the website and what should be presented.
    1. Therefore a subgroup in the the Scientific Committee is formed, The website's team: Dr. Azad Najjar, Dr. Hassanein Hamid and Dr. Hana Shabana and Dr. Muhammed Al-Hussoni.
      1. Dr. Azad Najjar will deepen in the questions regarding the logotypes and the Subscribe methods for the next meeting. 
    2. The website's content is written and processed linguistically by Dr. Mohammed Al-Hussoni, Dr. Walid Al-Tawil and Dr. Zewar Al-Dabbagh, in dialogue with the Website's team

A physical meeting is scheduled for March 24rd for completing the website. 

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